Sliding Doors

Windoor specialize in the supply and installation of Alu-Clad and Wooden sliding patio doors boasting heights of up to 2.7 meters. Available in lengths of up to 18 meters and numerous configurations they are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in an array of materials and colours to suit your needs.

Our HS Portal 250 non-threshold sliding balcony doors are ideal for people who want to bring the garden into their home and want to bring as much light as possible in their houses.

With the unique fitting system of the HS Portal system, we are able to supply and install sliding balcony doors up to a width of up to 18 meters and up to a height of 2.7 meters. Despite such large dimensions, the opening leaf opens and closes with great ease.

The specially designed “warm” aluminium profile which forms the threshold of the sliding door makes it possible to embed the bottom of the sliding door level with the floor level inside your home. With only 19mm level difference between inside and outside is almost seamless.

Our sliding door system can be produced in a number of configurations to suit your requirements and your desired installation location.

All our Sliding Door systems are available in an Aluminium, Alu-Clad and Wood and are available in a range of colours and wood types to suit your requirements. Check out our Technical Data section for details on the materials and colours available.

Our PSK sliding balcony doors are based on the proven and stable construction profile of Softline windows. Their function results from specially selected, specialist fittings.

As with our HS system the PSK system is available in a range of configurations and colours to suit your needs.

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