Since our inception, Windoor has been supplying and installing high-quality windows and doors to the residential market throughout the country of Ireland. Specializing in Alu-Clad and wooden glazing systems.

Windoor continues to work with a growing number of Architects and Engineers in specifying bespoke glazing systems for contemporary homes. Windoor also works directly with our private clients on window replacement and upgrade projects for homes.

We believe that a quality product should be backed up by a quality service. Windoor oversees every installation large or small with the same attention to detail to ensure our systems are installed to our exacting standards and more importantly to your satisfaction.

Windoor offers a 5-year warranty on labour and materials on all our windows and doors. The five-year warranty does not include paint coatings (3 years for opaque paints, and 2 years for transparent paints).

Why Wood

For centuries, wood has been the preferred material for window production. While the technology and design may continue to develop and advance the base material has stayed the same. Wood is, without doubt, the best raw material for the construction of quality windows and doors and when it is sourced from sustainable plantations no other material can match it on environmental qualities.

One of the key advantages wood has over aluminium or PVC is its superior heat and sound insulation.

When you choose our wooden and Alu-clad windows you are not only choosing a technically superior product, you are also choosing to make your home look beautiful thanks to the charm of this natural material.

Layer-laminated elements used in the production of our windows have optimally sized growth rings in each layer, which prevents their deflection, limits dimensional deformation and stress arising from changes in humidity and temperature.

Regardless of the type of wood (pine, meranti, oak), any anatomic defects are removed in order to ensure high strength and unblemished looks.